Wednesday, January 13, 2010

GIrl Scout Cookie TIme

It's Girl Scout Cookie Time!!! This is Tori's first year to be in Girl Scouts and she is absolutely lovin' it!! So it's time to sell Girl Scout Cookies and who doesn't love them? If you don't something may seriously be wrong with you! Just kidding! Saturday the 16th is the first day to take orders so if you want some please let me know. Call me, text me, email me or whatever! You pay for them when you pick them up! Tori says thanks so much...we are trying to reach a personal goal to receive an extra badge!
Tell your friends!!
Tori & Amy

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Alright peeps....I guess I am back to blogging! I have had one forever but guess I will start using it again. Mainly because my SIL has started one so it inspires me to start using mine again! Don't know what it will say....but something!

Saturday, October 17, 2009


From now until Halloween, all of my soldered Halloween Necklaces are $10! Get them while you can.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Crop Til Ya Drop

I am going to be hosting a crop at our church...Community Crossroads on Friday 11/6 from 4pm-midnight and on Saturday 11/7 from 8am - midnight! We are trying to raise money for our Youth Group to attend State Youth Convention in Hutch at the end of November and I thought what better way to raise money! I will have drinks and some snacks and our church has a full kitchen that you are welcomed to used! Cost is $10 for Friday and $15 for Saturday! Please email me if you have any questions and to RSVP! Hope to see you there!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Some New Stuff

I got some new Halloween Necklaces made and put up on Etsy. Halloween is my fav holiday so getting them done was absolutely no problem! Take a look at

Monday, September 28, 2009

Just a little Something

Some folks will never know the courage and strength it takes to place a tin star on your left chest and carry the weight of the law on your hip...Some folks will never know the courage it takes to approach a car alone in the dead of the night when your alone...Some folks will never know the hurt of watching a mother who tried to get her child out of the car as the train approached, only to meet the angels together...Some folks will never know the hurt as taps is played and the flag is folded. When one of your own is laid to rest...for those of you folks that don't know this, I pray that you never will...But, for those men and women who put it on the line everyday with the weight of the law on their hip, their families at home waiting for their return...I hope you folks will pray for them and know their courage, strength and hurt!

A friend posted this on Facebook tonight after the events that took place today with the Sheriff's Deputy that was shot this afternoon. I really hits home for me anyway and gives so many something to think about!

Monday, September 7, 2009


How many times do you see things in life that are very simple? How about NEVER!! It is so easy to read directions or be told something and as American's I think we over analyze or don't take it for what it is! So this evening I was getting ready to wash Chase's soccer jersey and looked at the back of the tag to make sure there were no special instructions! And here is what it says....

Really??? Does it get any easier than that? In case you are wondering this jersey is Puma brand and made in Thailand! If you can't enlarge the picture it says, "Wash This When Dirty" Is it wrong of me to want to send a letter to Thailand that just says, "NO SHIT!"