Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Holy Cow HELLO!!

LONG LONG TIME NO TALK! Can't believe it's been forever! Literally forever. Hope blog world finds all well and I do still keep up with you all. Just not myself. Been very busyobviously but if there is anyone out there still checking me out then here's what's up. School is out and the kids are bored already I think. Our church put a team in the church softball league this year so Rick, Chase and I are all playing. Actually I am only playing if they are short on people which so far they have had 4 games and have been ok. I actually played ball all growning up and in high school and a couple years after that but it's been a good 10 years since then. Here is something else I have been up to. Todd's (my boss) wife opened her own salon and she asked me to do some vinyl on the wall for her like Upper Case Living. SO here are some pics. It was fun and VERY time consuming but I think it turned out cut and she really like it. Her shop is super cute. This first picture is right when you walk in the front door and there is a little reception desk and it is behind the desk on the wall. Her logo is a banner that is on gator board that I bought from KBP. I didn't do it but I did the it's all about you and the polka dots in the corner.
This I did on a 16x20 frame...I did it on the glass because she wasn't exactly sure where it was going to hang. It is right about the pedicure/massaging chair!Joey is the owner and this is her station. This is on her mirror at the top!
This is on Polly's station on the mirror. She is one of the stylistThis on Julie's. She is the 3rd stylistThis is on the 16x20 frame again in the massage roomThere are random polka dots in different places in the salon. This is some of themThis is another 16x20 frame that is between the 2 nail techs.

That's it! Headed to Topeka on Friday morning to the races! It's that time of year again. Hopefully I get some sun. I am so White mexican right now it's not even funny!!