Monday, November 26, 2007

Good Morning

I hope all of you loyal blog stockers had a fantabulous weekend just like I did. Now that it is over, family is all gone and my stomach is stretched out it's time to get back to the short work week ahead. For me anyway. This will be my last post for awhile. I am checking into the hospital in the Early AM to have surgery. I won't be out until Thursday or Friday and then home to re-coop for the next 4-5 weeks. So I hope that you all have a great next couple of weeks and get all of your Christmas Shopping done. Later Gators!!!
Amy :)~

Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday

So just as I wondered if anyone else I knew would be out shopping on Black Friday I ran into Kristy & Renee at Kohl's at 5:00 this AM! We were out the door at 4:05am and that was late because my mother's alarm clock did not go off. You know I was dressed and by the door like a puppy that needed to pee by 3:15am! Didn't necessarily get anything GREAT to talk about but I did get some stuff and have some presents bought. I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving and has a great weekend ahead. I hope to pull out some of my Christmas stuff and put away the pumpkins. We are getting ready to eat an early dinner and then head to the Hockey Game. Go Thunder! Hopefully there will be some fights to watch. On and Off the ice.
Later :)~

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

My Protector

OK...How funny is this?? Last night the kids and I ran down to the beauty shop to get Tori's bangs cut and my eyebrows waxed. Needless to say it had been awhile. SO...I had quite the audience, Chase & Tori RIGHT by my side and Nate climbed up on my lap and was watching, closely. The 1st strip that she pulled I must have flinched (like I had been awhile) so it made Nate mad and he HIT Kendra. She kind of looked like, "WHAT?" When she pulled the 2nd strip he hit her again. He was telling her "NO, NO!!" My baby loves me, what can I say? Did most of my baking last night. I didn't turn off the oven until 10:15pm. I had to go to the hospital this morning to do all my pre-op stuff and when the nurse was asking me questions she said, "Any chance you are pregnant?" I about hit the floor. Laughing hysterically I said, "UH...NO!!" She wanted to know what was so funny and as I proceeded to tell her that I had been there to do this 2 years ago and found out I was pregnant she told me that because of ME and MY situation they have changed the way they do some of their procedures in the surgery. They now make EVERYONE no matter what pee in a cup before to make sure there is no repeat of..."Wake up dear. We couldn't do surgery because you are pregnant!" So that is right boys and girls...I have changed a small part of the world for women that go to St. Joe hospital. I seriously think I should get a discount or something. Anyway...Happy Turkey Day to all of you tomorrow. May you stuff yourself like me!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It Begins...

That's right, the baking begins tonight! I am excited the only thing that I am really dreading is the fact that it will make the house hot with the oven going all night since it's almost 80 again today. I can't wait though. Love the sweets and the pumpkin stuff. Summer I am so glad that you have "discovered" it if you will. Other than that not a lot going on here. Peeps at work are reminding me that I am only here for 1 1 /2 more days. DUH!!! My boss asked me when I thought my anesthesia would wear off so she could call me if she needed to! How about December 31st! Anyways...have a great Tuesday!

Monday, November 19, 2007


OK...80?? But I can totally deal with it! It could be between 60-80 degrees all year round and be just fine with me! I can't believe it is supposed to be so cold by Wednesday though. Doesn't the weather man know that that is the day I have to go to Wichita and run around. Why couldn't it be today?? So it is going to be a better week. I just know it is! I am so looking forward to this week because my fam is coming from Texas that I haven't seen in like 8 years. We have a bunch of fun stuff planned (besides grazing all weekend) and I can't wait. I have alot of baking to do starting tonight and going through until Thursday morning so please pray for me that I don't burn myself this week! I am starting to look like a leper with all the burn marks and just can't take anymore. Let's just take a moment shall we, "Dear Lord...please let the idiot know where the hot spots are and try to avoid contact with them! AMEN!!" Saturday morning we took the kiddos to see Mr. Magoriums Wonder Emporium. It was good, the 1st hour that I got to see of it! The last 50 min. Nate was not being still and not cooperating so I took him out and went to the arcade. $10.00 later the movie was finally over. We did jump in the foto booth and take some crazy pics together. They are took cute. Of him of course. So I will get them up here later. Since I have decided that this is going to be a good week I started it off by wearing my new favorite tee that my momma bought me on Friday. It is the image above! Have a great monday! Or at least try!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday Already!

I don't know what is up with me and HOT things but I burn my hand last night on the OVEN! What is the problem. I put If you make an L with your right hand it is all along the inside right there. It so hurts. Even to hold a pen. I made sloppy joes and fries for supper and I dropped 2 fries and a tator tot so I tried to reach in there with my long prong things and touched my hand on the side! AAAAGGGGGHHHHHH! I hate burns more than anything. After work I have to take Tori to the book fair at school and then to Chase's band concert at 7:00pm! So we won't be home hardly at all until probably 9:00! I am so ready for the weekend. I mean really ready. I feel like I am running out of time. My surgery date is the 27th which is 12 days away but the hospital has been calling and the doctors office for pre-ops stuff and I am starting to drown with the things I am NOT getting accomplished. Plus having all kinds of family here for Thanksgiving. Which I can't wait for. My cousins will be here which I haven't seen for 7 years. The last time they were here was when my grandma past away. Which by the way I still think of her all of the time but especially now! Because she died right at Thanksgiving time. Anyway....hope your having a great Thursday!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

It's gotta get better...right? for a Tuesday things are crappy. My Monday was better than this! I got up early because Rick and I had to be in Wichita by 8:45am. Started getting myself together, got the kids up, dressed, breakfast. Made Rick get up and take them to school so I could finish getting ready! BURNT MY WRIST on the DRYER!!! Actual burn. HELLO it hurts so bad because 1) it's a burn...duh 2) it is right where my watch and bracelet rest so it is rubbing but there is no way I am not wearing them. So hurry out the door get to Wichita have a crappy meeting that I have been dreading FOREVER! Leave and go to Central & Rock to return some glass and to see if the light is on at Krispy Kreme! is! It is never on when I go by. So Rick takes me in to get a hot fresh donut and guess what! THEY NO LONGER GIVE AWAY THE FREE DONUT WHEN THE LIGHT IS ON!!! What the HELL! Do they know what kind of morning I have had and it is only 10:00am???? What is the world coming to? I have a thing where I ONLY go when the light is on! As far as I am concerned I no longer have any reason for going west on Central past Rock Road for the rest of my life. Except my doctor is down there. I guess I will have to find another route. I am trying to get off work a little early today because I have a project I am working on. Then take the kiddos to moms while I go to the Yearbook meeting at 6:30pm. At least going to mom's for dinner will be good. Ya' know...home cooked food by your momma!! Hope your day is going better!!!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Love this L/O

What a weekend. I was actually able to get some stuff done yesterday that I had been wanting to do thanks to mom and dad. They took the kids to see the Bee movie and then out to eat. So they were gone for a couple of hours and I was able to change out my winter and summer clothes. Move some things downstairs that I have been putting up. Clean up my room and do a scrapbook page. I actually did 3 this weekend. It felt great because I have been in a funk lately and I think my mojo is slowly coming back because I have ideas and just want to set and get them done. This turned out to be one of my fav l/o's. I think just because it is simple and I love the picture. I am sure one of these days Nate will kill me for it but oh well. Another kind of busy week as usual. Hope you all had a great weekend.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


So last night I get home at 5:00pm and Tori tells me that there is a suprise b-day party for this little boy in her class TONIGHT (Thursday) @ 5:30pm! HELLO! They sent the invitation to school that day. I was a little leary about letting her go but it was all good and she had a great time. She wasn't ready to go when I got there. My kids are at that age where it's time to let go a little. When do you know that it is ok and that they will be fine. With all of the violence and crap you hear everywhere I never want to let them go anywhere or with anybody that I don't "KNOW"! I mean, "KNOW"! Does that make sense? And naturally they don't understand why they can't go to a simple birthday party. So yes it was a big step for me to take and don't think I wasn't watching the clock like a Hawk waiting for 7:00pm to hit so I could go and pick her up! Actually I picked her up 5 minutes early! Is that bad???

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


This is a busy little blog isn't it! I really like it though. I can't hardly believe that it has been a week since I have blogged anything. Halloween was fun. Nate really got into it this year! He just wanted to eat his first piece of candy and that was it! But once he figured out that he could go door to door and get more he was all about it! Nothing else to interesting other than the everyday running around going to school stuff. I am trying so hard to get my house in order and think about where I want my christmas stuff to go! That's right...I said Christmas! Because the 27th is D-Day and I will be out of commission so I want it all done now! Tootles for now!!!