Saturday, October 17, 2009


From now until Halloween, all of my soldered Halloween Necklaces are $10! Get them while you can.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Crop Til Ya Drop

I am going to be hosting a crop at our church...Community Crossroads on Friday 11/6 from 4pm-midnight and on Saturday 11/7 from 8am - midnight! We are trying to raise money for our Youth Group to attend State Youth Convention in Hutch at the end of November and I thought what better way to raise money! I will have drinks and some snacks and our church has a full kitchen that you are welcomed to used! Cost is $10 for Friday and $15 for Saturday! Please email me if you have any questions and to RSVP! Hope to see you there!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Some New Stuff

I got some new Halloween Necklaces made and put up on Etsy. Halloween is my fav holiday so getting them done was absolutely no problem! Take a look at

Monday, September 28, 2009

Just a little Something

Some folks will never know the courage and strength it takes to place a tin star on your left chest and carry the weight of the law on your hip...Some folks will never know the courage it takes to approach a car alone in the dead of the night when your alone...Some folks will never know the hurt of watching a mother who tried to get her child out of the car as the train approached, only to meet the angels together...Some folks will never know the hurt as taps is played and the flag is folded. When one of your own is laid to rest...for those of you folks that don't know this, I pray that you never will...But, for those men and women who put it on the line everyday with the weight of the law on their hip, their families at home waiting for their return...I hope you folks will pray for them and know their courage, strength and hurt!

A friend posted this on Facebook tonight after the events that took place today with the Sheriff's Deputy that was shot this afternoon. I really hits home for me anyway and gives so many something to think about!

Monday, September 7, 2009


How many times do you see things in life that are very simple? How about NEVER!! It is so easy to read directions or be told something and as American's I think we over analyze or don't take it for what it is! So this evening I was getting ready to wash Chase's soccer jersey and looked at the back of the tag to make sure there were no special instructions! And here is what it says....

Really??? Does it get any easier than that? In case you are wondering this jersey is Puma brand and made in Thailand! If you can't enlarge the picture it says, "Wash This When Dirty" Is it wrong of me to want to send a letter to Thailand that just says, "NO SHIT!"

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I am officially a SOCCER MOM!

Anyone still out there in the blog world? If so then here's what's up in my little corner of the world. Since school started I am so busy it's not even funny! I don't know how this happened because I guess I thought that things would some what slow down but I should have known better. Chase has been bitten by the social bug and is involved in almost everything he can be. Including Soccer. I am so excited that he is playing a sport in High School. Awhile back when I bought my Mini Van one of the guys at the bank asked me why I wanted to go back to a soccer mom car! He is constantly bugging me about my soccer mom car. So this evening Chase brings home a note that says, "ATTENTION SOCCER MOMS!" It's official...I am a soccer mom. I even have the van to prove it! Tori is staying busy with Girl Scouts this year! This is her first year to try Girl Scouts so it will be interesting to see what she thinks about it! I have had Girl Scout Cookies on the brain by the way since she signed up and I don't even think that's until March! Nate is starting Preschool this year! It will be his first time to go. So hard to think that my "BABY" will have somewhere to go!

Anyway...hope this finds you all well!
Later Gators!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

It Works

What's Up!!! Long time no talk. I don't know if anyone still reads this blog or not but if you are here is some news for ya'! You all may or may not know that I am a rep for It Works. You can visit my website at for information on all of the products that we carry. I had a party scheduled for this afternoon that got cancelled so I have Body Wraps for sale for $20.00! I would love for anyone and everyone to try this out so if anyone is interested please, please let me know and I will get it out to you right away. This is a great deal so if you have any questions please let me know! Tell all you friends. I only have 8 available so act quick!! You can get my info on my website if you need to!! Please email me directly to get the wrap!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

OMG.... the kids and I were looking for puppies on Craig's list and this is the ad that I came across...what do you think??
My kids want a goat. I don't mind having one, I had 'em growin up but that was on the farm. We live smack dab in the middle of Wichita. I already know the Mexican's next door won't mind cause they have a horse and a bunch of chickens (not kidding). The white guy on the other side of us won't care cause he sells dope and I doubt he'd need the attention if he called someone on us. I'm just curious if anybody knows if its legal so I don't get any crap from our wonderfully compassionate city government. Thanks!
postingID: 1229444281
I am so not even kidding about this post. I couldn't make this up if I tried. Look up the post on Craig's List!! I really wonder about people sometimes. It is this kind of crap out there that makes me laugh out loud. I have a necklace that says, "I'm the kind of girl that will laugh out loud tomorrow at something that happened yesterday." And this my friends is a perfect example.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Holy Cow HELLO!!

LONG LONG TIME NO TALK! Can't believe it's been forever! Literally forever. Hope blog world finds all well and I do still keep up with you all. Just not myself. Been very busyobviously but if there is anyone out there still checking me out then here's what's up. School is out and the kids are bored already I think. Our church put a team in the church softball league this year so Rick, Chase and I are all playing. Actually I am only playing if they are short on people which so far they have had 4 games and have been ok. I actually played ball all growning up and in high school and a couple years after that but it's been a good 10 years since then. Here is something else I have been up to. Todd's (my boss) wife opened her own salon and she asked me to do some vinyl on the wall for her like Upper Case Living. SO here are some pics. It was fun and VERY time consuming but I think it turned out cut and she really like it. Her shop is super cute. This first picture is right when you walk in the front door and there is a little reception desk and it is behind the desk on the wall. Her logo is a banner that is on gator board that I bought from KBP. I didn't do it but I did the it's all about you and the polka dots in the corner.
This I did on a 16x20 frame...I did it on the glass because she wasn't exactly sure where it was going to hang. It is right about the pedicure/massaging chair!Joey is the owner and this is her station. This is on her mirror at the top!
This is on Polly's station on the mirror. She is one of the stylistThis on Julie's. She is the 3rd stylistThis is on the 16x20 frame again in the massage roomThere are random polka dots in different places in the salon. This is some of themThis is another 16x20 frame that is between the 2 nail techs.

That's it! Headed to Topeka on Friday morning to the races! It's that time of year again. Hopefully I get some sun. I am so White mexican right now it's not even funny!!


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Quarter Mania & It Works & Rockin'Mamas Is in The House!!


Numbered Paddles & ball are $3.00 ea

Additional paddles are $3 ea (max 3)

Contact Me ASAP to pre-order your entry tickets!

Amy Wolff

Bring this flyer along with 2 guests & get 2nd paddle FREE!

Hello Hosts & Customers, I would like to invite and introduce you to a new auction concept that has taken other larger cities by storm. In fact, some cities have several Quarter Mania Auctions going on any given month with a 100 or more ladies in attendance! Each vendor is required to have at least 10 people in attendance. Be one of my 10 by calling or emailing me asap! Your invitation and auction details for Wichita Quarter Mania can be viewed below.

Quarter Mania

"Where the idea of an auction and a raffle come together!"


Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Office This Conference Room

3985 E Harry, Wichita, KS 67218

Doors Open at 5:00pm, Auction starts at 6:00pm SHARP!!

How to play:

Bid on quality vendor items with one to four quarters, depending on the retail value. Once all bids are placed, a randomly chosen number is called. If the person with that number placed a bid, he or she wins that item. Numbers will continued to be drawn until there is a winner. Bids will be collected before each drawing.


Rocking Mamas

It Works!

SugarBritches & Co



Cookie Lee Jewelry

Entertaining at Home

Pampered Chef

Princess House

Private Quarters

Tastefully Simple


And More….

*Vendors are subject to change*.

Items will range from $10 to over $100 retail.

1 quarter bid – Item value $10 to $24

2 quarter bid – Item value $25 to $49

3 quarter bid – Item value $50 to $74

4 quarter bid – Item value $75 and up


Numbered Paddles & ball are $3.00 ea

Additional paddles are $3 ea (max 3)

Contact Me ASAP to pre-order your entry tickets!

Amy Wolff

Bring this flyer along with 2 guests & get 2nd paddle FREE!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hey girls!! Check out these goodies!!!

Okay I am doing this for Amy because she is a busy woman!!! A SuperWoman!! I honestly don't know how she does it all!!! So anyhoo... I want to tell you what Amy has been up to lately....besides her jewelry business, scrapbooking, being a Super MOM, working, being my BFF, oh yeah and being a wife to her hubby!!! So I think I told you about Amy and I going to the Women's Fair well....since Amy hasn't gotten around to telling you about it, I am gonna!!! She is now a sales rep for IT WORKS!!! She is now selling these products!! This stuff is totally amazing!!! She uses the products, we have had friends try it and each time IT WORKS!!!
So here is a little bit about what I am talking about!

About It Works Products:

The It Works vision to provide you with one-of-a-kind, safe, effective, and affordable products is driven by our commitment to integrity at the forefront of our product development. Because responsibility to you is our primary goal, It Works products are formulated by leading scientists, herbalists, and researchers using the best natural ingredients, cutting-edge science, and strict quality standards to provide effective products that safely nourish your body and enhance your life.

Our honest approach to nutrition and wholesome ingredients has guided It Works through the harmonious blending of science and nature to bring superior, affordable products from our business to your home. It Works is proud to offer its one-of-a-kind body slimming treatments, top-notch nutritional supplements, and a specially-formulated skin care line that helps stop or delay the harmful environmental effects that contribute to the speed of the aging process.

Okay so here are some testimonials from people who have used the product!!

Check them out HERE!!!

I am actually super excited for this product!! They have these awesome wraps fro your face!!!Amy is going to do one on my face!! I have had lines and creases on my face for years that I have always been self concious about!! SUN DAMAGE!!! I say every year I am gonna stay out of the sun...well every year I am out in it, With sunscreen of course, but I am stilll out in it!! So after all these years I am ready to stop my skin from aging, or at least slow it down!!! So I will take a pictureof my face before and after and share my results with you!! fyi- the before not sooo can do wonders!! (well for me at least...) Okay so stay tuned for the face wrap!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Long Time No Post...

I think it has been forever since I actually wrote something on this blog. But I really felt the need to share with everyone today. I don't know if any of you have ever been to a child's funeral or not but I attended one this morning. 1st let me tell you that when I was a junior in HS one of my boyfriends/best friends moved to Russell, Kansas because his dad got a job there. In November of our Senior year he was driving home from a party and fell asleep, crossed the line and had a head on collision that he did not survive. I can remember everything about this like it happend yesterday. It was 16 years ago but it is still so clear. I can remember the phone call I got that Saturday morning from someone who thought she was my friend. All the phone calls I made after that, the trip to Russell, the funeral, the trip home, going back to school. I remember how hard it was and I thought I would never get over it. So I can only imagine how all of the kids that were there today felt. His name was Justin Martin and he was 2 weeks older than Chase. Chase has gone to school with him through grade school, MS and played ball with him and they both played the trumpet. He had a heart transplant at 5 months old and had some problems off and on. But got over everyone of them and led life like a normal kid. This was completely unexpected. I don't think there was a dry eye in the place. There were a group of girls setting behind me that were crying and carrying on and they were there together. I know a lot of the kids walked down from the school to the church so their parents were not there. The way these girls were carrying on...their parents should have been there. One of Chases friends went with us because his mom couldn't go. But we know them very well and she knew he would be ok going with me. I know people question a lot why God takes Children from us. But he obviously knows what we don't and knows how to take care of it. Being there made me want to hold my kids tighter at night and never let them go. I know that that is impossible to do but we all need to remember that anything can happen any day and to always cherish the moments we have together.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Some new Goods onEtsy!!! Check them out!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

RockinMamas got

into the St Peter's Arts & Crafts Show!!! Soo super excited!!! Come check us out along with SugarBritches on March 14th at St. Peter's!!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A CROP is in the House!!!!

Do you have a box like this???

Goodies you buy but can't get to because of time??? Well I have an answer for you!!
Lets CROP til we Drop... And why not do it together with other scrappy girl friends!!!
Here's the scoop:
When: March 20-21
Time: Friday 11am - 11pm Saturday 8am - 4pm
Where: Holy Cross School Gymnasium (Greenwich & 127th)
How much?? You have a choice to crop either Friday or Saturday or Both!!!
Sooo for one day of cropping $15 or crop both days for $25
All proceeds for the crop fee will go back to the school!!
What will we provide??
Tables, Chairs, Electricity and Drinks
Meals & Snacks are on you!! I know I like to bring my own because not every one is a fan of stale Frozen Peeps!!
So sign up today!!! Send your money to me!!! ha! No seriously if you can mail a check for sign up that would be great! Email me for my address!

Just so you know there will also be two different demonstrations at the crop!! One on Friday & one on Saturday!! The demonstration is free! But if you would like the goodies to for the demonstration lmk and I will get you a kit!!!
The demonstration will be announced January 30th!!!

We are looking for Craft Vendors if you are interested please contact us!!

Amy and I will be putting on a scrapbook garage sale!!!
So start thinking of the supplies you have laying around. Get them together, mark your name & price on them and bring them with you. We will take care of the rest. This is a great way to get rid of stuff that’s just been lying around and collect new stuff at a discounted price. There will be a $8 fee and the rest of the money will be mailed to you the following week. If you have items left over at the end of the crop that you did not sale and do not want back, please consider donating them to the school. Supplies are always greatly appreciated.

We hope you will mark your calendars for this time of fun and fellowship. We can’t wait to see you there. Please email and let us know if you will be coming. Also, please tell your friends. Anyone is invited. The more the merrier.

Deadline for sign up is March 13th
ahhhh Friday the 13th!!! :)