Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Da Plane, Da Plane the plane is back to the left but at least it's days now and not months & weeks. Went to the park last night and got some good pictures of the kids. Can't wait to share them. I am off work early today so I am hoping to get that updated. Today is my last meeting with the AHA. I am excited and kind of sad at the same time. For the last 5 years I have set on the board for the Augusta Housing Authority. We provide HUD housing in Augusta for low income families and for people who have disabilities. My term expires next month in April and I have been asked to renew for another term (another 4 years) but I am not. I hate to not because I feel like it is my way to give back to the community but I am not. Anyways...I am making the kids try on their summer clothes tonight to see what fits and what doesn't so I can start getting ready for our garage sale. They are going to be so thrilled when they find out! HEE HEE!! Have a great day.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Do you see my little plane up there? It is so close to the deadline. Only one month until DISNEY! Can't wait! Tori's party was fun. She had a blast and thanked me for such a great party. So that made it great. That was all that mattered. There were several that didn't show up but we all had a good time. I promise to get pictures posted soon. Easter was good too! The kids looked too cute as always. After church we headed to gma's for lunch and then the kids hunted easter eggs. Then mom, Tori, Nate and I went to see Horton Hears a Who for Tori's bday. She loved it. And it was a really cute movie. One I think we will have to have when it comes out on video. Tonight I am taking the kids to have their pictures taken for their bdays. I always have their pictures taken at their birthdays. That is the one time of year we take individual portraits. And I think it will be a good day to do it since it's supposed to be nice outside. So...I have been tagged and here are my random things.

1) I secretly like to play the piano when no-one is around.
2) I have been in more wrecks than I can remember. I have personally wrecked between 14-16 cars. Totalling 9 of those.
3) I have bought a car without even seeing it or test driving it or anything.
4) I have a problem with buying scrapbook supplies and never using them.
5) I love being a momma and hanging out with my kids.
6) When I eat a snicker's bar I eat the bottom nugget part first and then eat the carmel nuts part last.
7) I LOVE Orange Fanta. Could drink it 24/7
8) I love to bake
9) I have been married 11 1/2 years
10) I love Rick in uniform.

Nothing to exciting. Almost all of the people that I would tag have been tagged so I am tagging Jennifer S.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

It's almost here....

Tori's party that is. I can hardly wait. Mom and I are going shopping tonight after work for costumes, food, easter stuff. The works. I am so ancy I can't wait to get off work. I am having a really hard time focusing. I am taking tomorrow off so that we can go to the movie "Horton Hears a Who!" Then I will have to get party stuff ready. So I hope that you have a great weekend. Next time you read my blog...probably Monday...I will definantely be having some pictures up!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Too Funny!

Last night Nate and Tori were hollering at each other to the point I could not take it anymore. SO...I left the house to drive around for a while and ended up at Miller's 5 to get a cheeseburger and a Cherry Limeade. By the time we got home Nate thought the Limeade needed to be his so I poured a little into a cup for myself and gave him the cup it came into. He took the lid off to look inside and saw the lime. He about freaked out. He thought it was a fish. He was screaming "fish, fish, fish"! I about lost it laughing. Trying to convince him other wise was out of the question. To make matters worse Tori took it out of the cup (by this time he was really freaked out. Shivering and all) and she put it in her mouth to suck on it. I thought he was going to throw up. He couldn't imagine why she would put a fish in her mouth. Absolutely hilarious. Well, I have had several phone calls today about Tori's party. It sounds like almost everyone is participating with dressing up and getting into character. I can't wait. Any ideas on what Rick and I should go as?? Don't forget it is Disney themed!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Get Comfy

What a weekend. I know that it is Tuesday already but I feel like I am still recooperating from the weekend. Friday on the way to work I ran over a cat. I have been in more accidents than I can count. Like I seriously need both hands and feet to count. But I have never hit anything. Like a living thing. So I can't believe I hit this cat. Like with both front and back wheels. I think I broke it's back. I was devestated about it when I got to work and was talking to Barbara about it. Needless to say the boys in the shop found out and it all went down hill from there. They were on the intercom saying, "MMEEEOOOWWW!!" All kinds of crap. Then when I came back from lunch there was a missing sign on the front of the building from this little parapelegic girl that had cancer and had no will to live because her cat whom helped raise her and let her drink milk from her teat was missing. Could someone please help find her? She answers to the name snatch! HELLO! So Saturday morning Tori got up early like 6:00 because she wasn't feeling good. I went out and laid on the couch after I got her back to sleep. Nate found me about 7:00 and then he was mad and wanted me to get up and he was having a fit. So he climbed up next to me and threw his head back and hit me right above my right eye. It immediately swelled up and bruised. I look like I got hit with a baseball bat. It hurt so bad I couldn't even see. All I could see was this bright light. So a little later in the day (about 2:00) there is a knock at the door and it is the Police Department. They want to know if everything is ok. I said, "Yes of course, WHY?" They had a 911 hang up call from my house and were checking things out. I remembered that Nate had had the phone a little earlier and had been pushing buttons. Now that I am flustered that they are at my house and Nate had been messing with the phone they start asking me all kinds of questions about who is in the house, am I ok and all kinds of stuff. I keep telling him yes but he keeps insisting that "I" am ok. Of course, why? Then he says, "If YOU are ok then I will go!" SO as he is leaving and I am closing the door, it dawns on me...I look like I've been beat! OMG! He probably thinks I am a domestic violence victim. I told Rick this was my one chance to send him packing and I missed it! What was I thinking? Just kidding. So the rest of the day was pretty lazy, I slept most of the afternoon...I wonder why? Sunday, went to church and then Tori went to a friends house to spend the night. So I took Nate out to dad and mom and I went running around to do some shopping for Tori's birthday party this friday. We didn't get anything done or accomplished but it was fun to run around with mom. I can't believe that she is going to be 8 years old. I am as excited for her party this friday as she is. Everyone is supposed to dress up like Disney Characters and from what I have heard from some people I can't wait to see them. Well...hope your week is going good. I have a constent headache! Later peeps...

Friday, March 14, 2008


Finally the weekend. I took Nate to the doctor on Wednesday and he tested positive for the flu and has an ear infection in both ears. So they called him in 2 presciptions plus taking a cold medicine for the drainage and motrin and tylenol for the fever. I feel like every time I turn around I am drugging the baby. But he does seem to be on the road to recovery so I hope that helps. Chase is feeling much better. He went back to school on Wednesday so that is a plus. He is at that age where I hate for him to miss school because I am afraid he will have lots of homework. My mom had a really rough day so I hope that this weekend is something she can get some relaxation from. I am going to start going through all of our clothes so that I can get rid of stuff. I hope to have a garage sale before we leave for Disney so that I can get some extra money. I am going to make Tori try on all of her summer stuff to see what does and doesn't fit. Spring break has officially started. The kids are out of school all next week and I know they are looking forward to that! Since I am rambling I will sign off for now. Captain Kirk---OUT!!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

When does it end?

I don't think the sickness will ever go away. We just got over it and the kids are sick AGAIN! Chase woke up yesterday morning at 2:00 AM and had a headache, fever and felt naucious. Then he threw up off and on all day yesterday. He was back up this morning at 5:30 doing the same thing again. I wish it would hurry up and run it's course and move on out. Nate woke up yesterday throwing up and running a fever. I think his was mainly drainage but he still ran a fever all day yesterday. This morning his fever was at 103.5! Talk about scary. Poor little guy just wants to be held. Tori came home from school yesterday because her stomach was hurting. The nurse called me at 9:30am and when I went home yesterday at 2:00 (so Rick could go to work) she was just fine. I think it was more of a sympathy, "I feel left out and need to be with my brothers to play nurse" kind of day! So she is back at school again. I have changed sheets and disinfected and cleaned up until my hands hurt. They are starting to get chapped from being in water all of the time. On another note, since it's Tuesday I weighed this morning and didn't loose anything. I stayed the same. I guess that's better than gaining! Tori and I did get her birthday plans made yesterday. There is a theatre in the nursing home here in Augusta and I called yesterday to reserve it for Friday the 21st! We are going to have a movie and movie type food. Nachos, hot dogs, popcorn, candy, the works. Then show a movie to all that is there. Naturally she wants it to be Disney Themed! Can't imagine why. SHe wants everyone to come in costume. Dressed like a Disney character or in a Disney T-Shirt. I can't wait because some of the people I have talked to have some great ideas already. Anyway...Hope you all have a good Tuesday!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tuesday already?

I can't hardly believe that it is Tuesday already. This week is really going by fast. To start off...weigh in was this morning and I lost 2 pounds. That sounds all great but I gained last week so it's like loosing what I gained plus 1! So I am not complaining because it's on the down side. Tori lost another tooth last night. That girl is going to break me with her teeth. She has $31.50 in her wallet right now and it's all tooth fairy money. I am in the process of trying to finish up planning the kids birthday parties. Since Chase is the big 13 this year I wanted to do something more outstanding. I have given him several ideas and he needs to hurry up and decide so I can get it planned. I can't wait to see what he chooses. Thursday night Tori has a music concert and then Friday is Bingo/Family Fun Night at Ewalt. I am supposed to help serve food this year. I think they are having grilled hamburgers and hotdogs. Tori can't wait for the cake walk. It is her favorite thing to do there. Not much else going on besides that. I didn't get a menu made for this week so I have been just winging it. I hate that. Ever since Summer had me start making the menus for the week and "plan" it has been a blessing. And not having it this week SUCKS!!! is a fun email that I received at work. I decided instead of trying to forward it to everyone I would just post my answers here.
Words that start with the first letter of your name:
What's your name: Amy
4-letter word: Arch
Vehicle: Acura
TV Show: American Idol (I do NOT watch this)
City: Augusta, KS (Duh)
Girl Name: Abbey
Drink: Apple Martini
Occupation: Accountant
Something you wear: Apparel
Celebrity: Adam Sandler
Something found in a bathroom: ass
Reason for being late: Aliens
Cartoon Character: Abby Mallard (the ugly duckling)
Something you shout: AAARRRGGGHHHH