Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

HELLO...IS my new blog AWESOME or What? Thanks to Missy Summer! I absolutely love it! It is so me! This morning was Tori's Halloween parade at school and then we had the Halloween party after. Naturally I stayed for the whole thing and got to work a little after 10:00! And I am so hoping to take off early to go trick or treating. I can't wait. Although the wind is picking up and I hope it's not way to cold tonight! SO...Everyone have a great day! I'll definantely be having pics tomorrow!

Happy Birthday
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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Tuesday

OK so today's snack was supposed to be Monster Brownies and it was taking longer than I thought (since I didn't even start until 9:30 last night) so they ended up being Slime Covered Ghost Brownies! I made 20 of them. I know, I know but at least a snack went and Tori thought they were cool and that's what mattered. Chase said this morning, "What's witht he Green? Are those radio active brownies?" Leave it to him to totally see something else. The Yearbook meeting was interesting last night. Not very much structure and alot of women saying how about this or what about that? So you know the scrapbooker in me was like, "OK....we need to figure out a theme, what's going in the book and then lay it out!" HELLO! Hopefully the one next week will go better! I'm working until about 4:00 or so today and then my parents are taking me out to dinner tonight for my birthday. I so can't wait for Halloween tomorrow! Later!!

Monday, October 29, 2007


Monday already! Where did the weekend go? Nothing exciting Friday night and Saturday I ran around ALL day and was exhausted. Sunday went to church and then came home and took a nap with Nate for the last 2 1/2 hours. That was nice! I love laying with my kiddos. I think I actually sleep better. Got up, made supper (it must have been good because the kids had 2nd's) and then made Tori's snacks for school. It is our week to take snacks to Tori's class everyday this week. You volunteer at the beginning of the year for at least 2 weeks! It can definantely get pricy! So I can't be generic and take something simple because I am always finding ways to complicate my life. So today we took Witches Hats. They were really easy to make. Here's a pic.
Hopefully the kids will like them. I made 40 so that everyone could have 2! Including the teacher and the school secretary. Ms. Betty. Love Her! I signed up to be on the yearbook committee for Ewalt. (Tori's school). Like I don't have enough going on as it is! The first meeting is tonight so I am kind of excited to see how that is going to go! This is one of my most fav weeks of the year!

1) My Birthday

2) Halloween

3) My Mom's Birthday

Good Times for sure. Hope you have a great Monday!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Busy end of the week!

SO...Monday and Tuesday weren't bad at all! Last night had Chase's P/T conference and it went great of course! He is such a good kid. You hear that about him everywhere you go and with everyone who has any kind of relationship with him. All of his teacher's said that he was great to have in class, so polite and interactive. All A's & B's and one C! In BAND! Hello! That boy needs to get on the ball with his practicing. He is really having some learning experiences this year. They say that they are getting them ready for everything they have to for 8th grade and then High School because it won't be a breeze anymore. HIGH SCHOOL??? He has to go to high school? He can't stay that playful little boy forever?? Then we went to the church to have a fall get together. Eat Chili and carve pumpkins. I don't have my camera with me so I am going to post pics later. It was fun. I got my pumpkin all cleaned out and when I went to wash my hands Chase and Jacob (with a little egging on by Pastor) put all my guts and their guts back into my pumpkins! WEASELS!!! I think I washed my hands so many times last night that they were raw. When we got home last night Tori was in her room putting on her PJ'S and came running out in the living room with her dramatic little self yelling, "MOTHER...something is wrong with IZZY!" "She has changed color and looks all funny and is just laying there!" My first thought....FINALLY, it died! (Did I just admit that outloud?) She is shedding her skin. She is just fine. So when I told Tori that she said, "Only snakes do that!" NO Tori...reptiles do that. That is what Izzy is! She then decided that she would take it out of it's cage and help it along. NO...are you crazy? You don't peel it's skin. GROSS! I can't believe she even thought she was going to do that! Obviously there are little things that bother her! So today took my mom to the doctor this morning, worked from 1:00-3:30 so I could go to Tori's P/T Conference. Mrs. Martin just absolutely loves her! She does such a good job, is very neat (WHO?? TORI??) and has great grades. I think she lives a double life. Then she asked me if she every stopped talking and then I knew we were talking about the same child. I am so glad it went well. Mrs. Martin even thanked me for giving birth. Because she absolutely loves Tori. Then dropped Rick off at the house so he could take Chase to get a cavity filled and came back to work (to blog of course) and then will leave in 30 minutes to go get my kiddos! Rick is in court this evening so I think we will run over to ScrapFunattic to see what is left of mine at the garage sale. Tomorrow I am getting new highlights in my hair! RED! I can't wait. I think it will be so different. You know on Saturday at my suprise party...I sprayed my hair pink and it really looked more red than pink because my hair is so dark. So that sparked the idea. I hope it turns out and doesn't look purple. Have a great evening.....

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I just can't believe that Summer Anne!!! Actually...yes I can!!! So for a month now (literally a month now) Summer has been planning a my suprise birthday party. She told me last month at Nate's bday party that there was an 80's crop at ScrapFunattic that I had to go to with her! That it was going to be one of the Friday night crops at the Attic and it was going to be an 80's theme for Halloween. Long Story short and many LIES was a suprise birthday party for me! AND my mom and husband were in on it! Can't believe that! So from the pictures you can see I went in spirit (like why would I not) and looked like a total tool! But it was so much fun and lots of bad food to eat and of course FANTA to drink! It was so nice to do something girly for a birthday again and to be with friends. Long time and NEW! Thanks again to everyone for everything. I appreciate it more than you will ever know. Love ya' Summer!!!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

She Eats!!!

Those girls at ScrapFunattic are just so darn helpful. I know you all know that and I know that also but in more ways than one! I'll explain in a minute. Last night the Fam went out to eat, do some grocery shopping and get Halloween Costumes. We stopped at John's Animal World on the way TO Wichita to buy some Crickets! That's right...Crickets. They were so gross running around in their tank. I know some of you are thinking...Crickets are everywhere. Why don't you just catch one. Because they are bigger than Izzy. The ones we bought last night are the size of my pinky fingernail. .99cents/dozen. At least they weren't expensive. $1.00!!!! So the lady puts them in a brown paper bag (I'm already not impressed) and staples it at the top. I asked for another one because I am double bagging to make sure they don't get out. She says, "Honey, it doesn't matter how many bags you use they will chew threw within 2 hours." WHAT??? Is she kidding? I said, "NO,NO,NO...we are on our way to Wichita and won't be back in 2 hours!" Her: "Well then I suggest you take them home!" I leave in AUGUSTA. This is to Andover. I am not turning around and going back. HELLO!! So...I had an idea. So off to ScrapFunattic I go. I walk in carrying the brown bag and set it on the counter and ask Kristy and Deb if I can have a plastic bag (like the one the kits come in) so I can insert my brown bags into it and seal it to help further contain the crickets. Kristy says, " that Urine?" I thought I was going to fall on the floor! Like I would bring you urine! TOO FUNNY!! So Deb says, "What is it?" CRICKETS!!! Kristy said she would rather it have been urine. Always a good time at the ATTIC! Deb gives me the plastic bag and ask me if I ever dreamed I would be buying Crickets. LORD NO!!! But I guess you will do whatever to make your children happy! So 4 hours later we make it home (yes the crickets are still in the bag) and Rick and the kids dump them in her cage. There are 12 mind you...and she starts FREAKING OUT! She is running all over her aquarium and jumping up the sides and every time one of them touches her she has a fit. Her chest is expanding to where I know it is just going to explode. The kids said it was like having their very own Animal Planet right in Tori's room. So they take some out and she chills out. They only left 2 and this morning there is only 1! So...the Izzy watch is still on.................
~Did you know that you can tell the temperature by counting cricket chirps? Here's how you do it. Go outside at dusk or at night and find a chirping cricket. Count the number of chirps it makes during a 15-second period. Then, add 40 to the number of chirps. The total will be pretty close to what the actual temperature is in Fahrenheit.~

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Here they are

Stupid Blogger kept giving me an error message when I was trying to upload the pics!!

A New Do

I took the kids to get their hair cut last night! All 3 of them were needing it so bad. Chase got rid of the fro, Nate's is really short and almost makes him look a whole year older. But Missy Mouse...I cut 5 inches off the back of her hair. It is absolutely darling. She has been begging me to let her cut it short for like over a year now and I keep telling her no. I guess this way if she doesn't like it then it will have time to grow out to put it in a pony for Summer. Last night she was talking to Summer on the phone and telling her..."I am just going to have to figure out now what to do with my neck since it's time for winter!" Give me a break! She cracks me up! It is stacked in the back and longer in the front. She looks so good!! Here's some pics...

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


This weekend went by slow and fast! Slow because I couldn't wait for the kids to come home but fast because they always do. I got home Friday night and it was just Rick, Nate & I! He had cooked me a steak and King Crab! Awesome! It tasted so good. He is so good to me. We hung out the rest of the night and then on Saturday I took Summer's Aweso(me) class. It was fun and I actually completed both layouts in class. I was totally focused. That's a first. Then that night it was just Nate and I! We had a good time playing. I don't really just get to spend time with him. It was some good bonding time. Not that we aren't already hooked at the hip or anything. So Sunday after I came home from Church Rick helped me hang a Disco Ball that I got Tori for her room. I wanted to get it up before she got home. It looks so good.

The kids came home about 3:45-4:00 and Tori god love her brings home a LIZARD from Oklahoma. 5-6 hours in the car in a 2 liter bottle with sand. What was my mother thinking? She had caught it on Saturday and had it ever since. She hasn't let go of it. You can so tell too because it stays right with her! It even rides around on her shoulder. I told her there was NO WAY it was coming in the house. She left it outside (checking on it every 30 minutes or so) and then it started storming and raining and she was upset and so I let her put it in the garage. Not in the house, the GARAGE. So Rick comes home at midnight or so and I am telling him about it and he goes out in the garage, gets a small fish tank that we had (5 gallon) and BRINGS IT IN THE HOUSE. Puts it in her room! Has made a home for it! IS LETTING HER KEEP IT! What the...I said not in the house. "Amy...she doesn't get stuff like this and it won't hurt. And she brought it all the way back from Oklahoma." I don't care! So she officially has a pet lizard that she named Izzy. If it gets loose in the house I am so not going to be impressed. Here's some pics. BTW...she LOVES the disco ball!!! Loved It!!!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Happy, Sad, Happy, Sad

It's such a mixed feeling day for me! I am so excited because I AM GOING TO CROP*A*GANZA!!!! I can't wait! I have plans already to be productive! Hopefully it will still happen. children leave for Oklahoma today! They go every year to our family reunion at this time but I hate it every year that they are gone. They leave today about noon and will come home sometime on Sunday late afternoon! Tomorrow is SummerTime's class and I can't wait! I actually have pictures this time. Well...kinda! Hope everyone has an awesome weekend. I'm off to get Chase out of School so he can go! Thought for the day...

Right-handed people live, on an average, live nine years longer than left-handed people. (Glad to be right handed.)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007


So I am at work and things are going ok and I JUST STEPPED ON A MOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My heart is still racing! Mother....I can't take it! Not the stepping on the mouse part. The part where I felt it under my foot and it is by me and it's liquid is on the floor beside me! You know I yelled at the guys over the intercom because they are always doing something to me! My day is ruined! I think I am going to have to go home!!!!!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Where did the weekend go??

Busy, Busy, Busy as always! let's start with Friday night. It was homecoming here in the big town of Augusta! Tori is always asking me about Homecoming and what it means and what goes on so I decided to take her! Her teacher's daughter was one of the homecoming queen candidates so they have been talking about it at school too! It was so much fun! I haven't been to a High School football game in forever! Really...Forever! But it was a blast. I got to see some of my old classmates, hang-out and have a blast. Tori loved it! That just made it even more exciting. She was really into the ceremony, talking to her friends that were there and watching the game. She was asking all kinds of questions. What is a first down, what do the mean 3rd & 10, Why is everyone yelling DEFENSE? That is so my girl. I was just impressed that she was even paying attention. She was really into learning the chants that the crowd was singing with the band playing and soaking it all in! She even noticed that some of the dancers were NOT together during half time! Now that is really my girl! hee hee!!!! My friend Amy that I went to school with was there and she has a step daughter that is a freshman. After the game a bunch of girls were coming over to get ready for Homecoming at her house. I so can't wait for that! I don't want Tori to grow up but I can't wait for those fun times! BTW, her teacher's daughter didn't win and my little dramatic girl said, "UUHHHH, how can they NOT choose her??? Shes the prettiest one and the nicest one out there!!" Like she knows any of them! Then Summer came over to my house to decorate Steff's cake. I think I finally made it to bed about 1:30am! I was so dragging. Saturday we went to Chase's game at 10:15am! That is the last game he will play in! This Saturday is actually their last game but my kids are going to Oklahoma with my parents! Then Saturday night was Steff's little get together! She was so suprised. It's so much fun to see someone enjoy what someone else is doing for them. BTW...Happy Birthday today Steff. Hope it's great! Sunday morning, off to church then home to make lunch and cupcakes for a fall get together at 5:00 out at my Aunt's house. The kids had so much fun. Actually everyone did. The kids were down by the river skipping rocks, catching frogs. Then up the hill to eat and make smores! My kids were so dirty by the time we got home we went straight to the bath! The rag I used to wash Nate is so filthy gross I don't think it will ever come clean. After he got out of his bath Tori was getting ready to get in the shower and I went to get his PJ's. When I came back into the bathroom, this is how I found the boy!

Strattling the toilet trying to will "it" to pee! He is staring down saying, "pee, pee, pee" really quietly. I honestly don't know how he didn't fall into the toilet because before I got the camera he was actually up on his knees. He looked like a frog! Oh well...Boys will be Boys! Have a great Monday!!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Long Time NO Blog

OMG...I can't believe it has been a week since I have been here. Although it has been a Very Busy week! So what's new??? The layouts above in my slideshow!!! These are the layouts that I got done at Scrap*Pink! Which just totally was awesome btw. I completed 13 l/o's! 13! It's so much fun to scrap with others and get their ideas (especially when you are in a rut) and to scrap with your bestest friend ever who just keeps you going and helps you finish your pages even though she has her own stuff to do! You know who you are!!! Miss Summer Anne!!!!!!!!!! It's just like Connie said, "We're a sisterhood!" AND if it wasn't for her and Jennifer Roder I would not have been able to make my most favorite pages of the weekend. The ones with Tori and the pink skulls. I had seen that paper on Alicia Day's website with a l/o that she did! I immediately knew that I had to have it! Plus I had bought Tori that shirt for Halloween with the pink skull and the pink rhinestone tiara! After searching on the internet and seeing that shipping was more than the paper I had decided to wait and purchase it! When I saw Connie using it I asked her where she got it and then Jennifer Roder said, "This paper?" Those 2 came to my rescue and donated to my cause. Giving me the paper, stickers and chipboard stickers to make the l/o! I can't thank them enough! It is, again, one of my favorites! This just goes to show how much scrapbooking means to those around you who have the same passion for it that you do! I am so happy to have new found friends like this! It was totally obvious (since I kept saying over and over and over again) how much I wanted that line and they so generously donated to the l/o! Thank Again! Hopefully, next time we are cropping together I can return the favor! Not just to either of them but to anyone in need! And of course I wouldn't have been able to make it if Summer hadn't jump started the project! I knew I wanted it to be totally awesome, was stuck in a rut so she started it and did the left side and I did the right side! On another note...I was quite busy Monday morning at work and wasn't able to call ScrapFunattic for quickly to get into Crop*A*Ganza! :( Therefore, I will need you to talk to 15 people (since I am 15th on the waiting list) and convince them that it is not worth going! That they probably wouldn't have a good time so that I can go! If you girls could get right on that I would so appreciate it! OK...enough of my rambling for now! Have a great Thursday! ? of the day...

**Do Cows have Calf muscles?**