Thursday, August 27, 2009

I am officially a SOCCER MOM!

Anyone still out there in the blog world? If so then here's what's up in my little corner of the world. Since school started I am so busy it's not even funny! I don't know how this happened because I guess I thought that things would some what slow down but I should have known better. Chase has been bitten by the social bug and is involved in almost everything he can be. Including Soccer. I am so excited that he is playing a sport in High School. Awhile back when I bought my Mini Van one of the guys at the bank asked me why I wanted to go back to a soccer mom car! He is constantly bugging me about my soccer mom car. So this evening Chase brings home a note that says, "ATTENTION SOCCER MOMS!" It's official...I am a soccer mom. I even have the van to prove it! Tori is staying busy with Girl Scouts this year! This is her first year to try Girl Scouts so it will be interesting to see what she thinks about it! I have had Girl Scout Cookies on the brain by the way since she signed up and I don't even think that's until March! Nate is starting Preschool this year! It will be his first time to go. So hard to think that my "BABY" will have somewhere to go!

Anyway...hope this finds you all well!
Later Gators!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

It Works

What's Up!!! Long time no talk. I don't know if anyone still reads this blog or not but if you are here is some news for ya'! You all may or may not know that I am a rep for It Works. You can visit my website at for information on all of the products that we carry. I had a party scheduled for this afternoon that got cancelled so I have Body Wraps for sale for $20.00! I would love for anyone and everyone to try this out so if anyone is interested please, please let me know and I will get it out to you right away. This is a great deal so if you have any questions please let me know! Tell all you friends. I only have 8 available so act quick!! You can get my info on my website if you need to!! Please email me directly to get the wrap!