Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Check me OUt

What a suprise to login to my blog this morning to see that it has changed again! That Summer always keeping me up to date! Did you see my ticker??? Disney is getting so close! Since it's Tuesday I did get up and weigh this morning and dropped another 1/2 pound somewhere! Don't care where just as long as it doesn't find it's way back! Now that we have all been through the ringer with the flu like symptoms poor little Natey has it! He's doing the barking cough! Poor Baby! On a creative note though I have done 3 scrapbook pages in the last 2 nights! I am on a roll! I sure wasn't at Crop*A*Ganza but I seem to be now! I told Rick when I came home from Ganza that I didn't have the scrappin' space that I needed (because I am having to do it in my bedroom) and that he needed to make it happen! So hopefully starting Thursday (his day off) we are going to start completely rearranging our room. It won't be easy (bcuz we have a monster bed) but I think he knows my need for "my" space! One of the layouts I did get done was my March calendar and I can't believe how much stuff we have going on in March! Lot's and Lot's! It will definantely be an exciting month! Can't wait!