Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It's official

I think I have what the kids had! Although I am hoping that I am on the tail end of it because I have been crappy for the last 4 days. My stomach is still upset but at least I don't have that "I'm gonna puke" sensation anymore! Thank the lord too because it's only 2 days until crop time and I AM going. BTW Tori had a blast on Friday. I got to the school to pick her up and she wanted to know why I was taking her out of class early. I said I needed to go to Wichita and couldn't get back in time to get her. She said, " can get me!" We stopped and picked up my mom and when I was getting to the movie theatre I told her that I was taking her to see Hannah Montana. She was really excited. She then decided it was ok to not be in school. She sang along for almost the whole thing. She kept reaching her hand out trying to touch things (because it was 3D)! It was too funny. I'm so glad I got to take her! Anyway...see you all soon!!!