Monday, February 25, 2008

Good Monday Morning!!

I know that Monday's aren't always good. Back to work, back to school and along 5 days until the weekend. But I did get alot done this weekend that I was wanting to do and so that feels good. My mom is feeling better and that always makes me happy. I hate it when she is down. Friday night I talked Rick into rearranging our bedroom. He was NOT happy about it but he did it and I absolutely love it. There is more room and I have more room to scrapbook. I got new curtains for my room and re-decorated the kids bathroom. I changed it from fish to safari! They really like it which is always a plus. Saturday night we went to Valley Center for a get together with Rick's family. The kids played so hard with their cousins. They don't hardly ever get to see them so it was nice for them be able to reconnect and play. We looked at ton's of pictures and alot of them were too funny. The drive home was so interesting because it was about 7:30 and there was snow everywhere and it was crazy. It was good times that I will never forget with the kids in the car. The radio wasn't really on and Tori was in the back singing and Chase was up front with me being Mr. Navigation and watching the snow. Talk about a side seat driver. The only bad thing about this weekend was the fact that we were busy busy I ate like crap. Fast food and snack food and pop. I am dreading weigh in tomorrow. Hopefully I haven't gained a bunch of it back!!!


Christie said...

That's exciting that you got your room re-arranged! Rick will get over it--they always do eventually. Now you can get lots of scrapping done! yay!